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I enjoyed a little foray into the glamour world yesterday and tried on a pair of fishnet tights I had bought over a year ago and had left languishing in my drawer. I am not sure why they languished so long except that I thought they were a bit of a cliché and I would look ridiculous in them.

It may surprise some of you to know that I suffer from a lack of body confidence at times since I post pictures of myself naked (or almost) here but I do. I fear being ridiculed and shamed for expressing my sexuality and fishnets are overtly about that, particularly those with a gap at the crotch to allow them to be worn with no knickers.

The top two pictures also show my stomach with its less than perfect surface and the pouch that remains after four children in spite of my  best efforts. I wanted to post them as I liked the vulnerability, the ‘realness’ the lack of pretence.

In a strange way it gives me more confidence when I post these kinds of pictures because I don’t have that nagging voice in the back of my head saying ‘but when they meet me they’ll be disappointed because they will be overwhelmed by the less than glamorous parts of me that I have cropped out of my pictures’.

The bottom one is cropped and much more ‘glamorous’  I have presented only my best features, my legs, in an attractive pose to accentuate their length. It pleases me aesthetically but also leaves that gap for the voice to get in again.

A conundrum. One I think is part of my journey here, and I value the opportunity to explore in such a safe space.  Thanks to you, faithful reader for travelling with me through parts of it.

Which one(s) do you prefer?  I’d love to know ?

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38 thoughts on “#SinfulSunday – fishnets

  1. Thank you for more wonderful photos … and for your honesty
    For me, I prefer the first … like the way a shoe is being kicked off (and I like stomachs!)
    All very glamorous x

  2. Fishnets are the perfect garment choice…always sexy, always flattering. I totally understand how you feel. You made the courageous decision to post all three pics, very wise. I like them all..!!!

  3. The last one is glorious but my favourite is the top one. I love how the pattern of the fishnet runs down over your body and seems to sit perfectly over the V between your legs. That is a beautiful picture


  4. Lovely photos, one and all! Your pose in the final one reflects your confidence in it, I think, but all of them are inspiring and beautiful! Having just completed a lengthy fishnet series, myself, I understand completely how they can both expose and hide one’s flaws! 😉 ~C

  5. I think that the second photo is the best, but not by much!

    A lot of women write, and several have told me, that they don’t believe that they are at all sexy or attractive, that their bodies are flawed, that their stretch marks are disfiguring, or that a little extra weight has to be gross. This puzzles me because uniformly, they – and you, Eye – are quite lovely to look at. 99% of the time, women with body image issues are wrong and are entirely too self-critical.

    1. I agree with you. We are holding up a flawed mirror to ourselves and looking with the wrong eyes and listening to the wrong voices in our heads.

      I am not without flaws but I FEEL desirable, sexy and even beautiful at times and I am truly grateful to the men and women who have encouraged me to look again with new eyes and to listen to them and the newly awakened approving voice inside ?

      Thank you for commenting and welcome to my blog x

  6. At the risk of being rude or crass. That’s bollocks. To say that someone might not be getting what they thought or to ridicule you for how great you look and great you DO look. Unless you’re in early 20s and childless you’re going to carry the battle scars of having kids. You go for it. Xxxxxxxxxxxx

    BTW I prefer 1 followed by 3 then 2 but ALL are great


  7. I like the bottom one, but I absolutely adore the two at the top. I know exactly how you feel when you say ‘but when they meet me they’ll be disappointed because they will be overwhelmed by the less than glamorous parts of me that I have cropped out of my pictures’ – this is exactly what I think too and I have grown into just showing it as it is. Sometimes my body confidence is perfect, and sometimes I hate what I see. I guess we all go through it but eventually accepting your own ‘flaws’ is what does the trick… I think 🙂

    Rebel xox

  8. If I had to pick one I would whole heartily agree with Honey, But I like them all for the reason that it tells me more about who you are and you are beautiful.

  9. I love the last image. I was excited to click on the thumbnail as I watched Secretary again last night and this reminded me of it a lot.

  10. I like the first image the best because the way you’re lying and kicking off the shoe suggests that someone is looking at you and you’re giving a coy or playful invitation! You do have sexy legs, and the last one shows them off wonderfully. As a teacher, I have the inclination to give you an assignment to wear those fishnets out for a night… own them! <3

  11. Eye,

    The third image is more playful. The lighting and the white on blue foreground/background work so well together to present a very light and airey feel to the composition. That figure!!! Delicate and firm.

  12. I have a real thing for fishnets, to hell with cliche, I think they’re hot! As for my favourite, well I like the classic legs up pose of the final image but I much prefer the top image. It shows the real you, I like real people. We all have wobbles and lumpy bits we hate but that’s what makes us who we are and what a sexy bunch we are 🙂

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