#WickedWednesday – O Come All Ye Faithful

A piece of Christmas wickedness that was crying out to be part of something. I am happy to have been able to post this as a response to a Wicked Wednesday prompt from @RebelsNotes 


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Elizabeth adjusted the collar of her uniform, she wasn’t certain that she would ever get used to its chafing around her neck, just under her chin where the skin seemed most tender.  The hard edge left a slightly sore red line around it for a couple of hours after taking it off – she supposed it really had been designed for a neck more used to the ravages of a regular shave and paused to chuckle with the satisfaction that particular victory gave her still.

She surveyed herself in the mirror and noted that her dark grey eyes were wide and shadowy and the pupils still dilated. She had nearly been late which would never have done, but Jenny had succeeded in distracting her again by stretching her long body against hers as she paused in the doorway to say goodbye.  Their kisses had shared the deep intimacy born of facing down many judgemental faces in their time together. The sweetness was still there too, she could taste Jenny’s trust, her commitment, her love, as their lips met.

Lust, never far from the surface inspite of their fifteen years together, came steaming quickly through them both like an unexpected train through a station and left them both slightly breathless. Elizabeth had stumbled slightly against the door frame as she sought to extricate herself “Sweetheart”, she mumbled into Jenny’s neck that smelled so good, “I have to go …”  Jenny had grinned, “I know, later, we will meet later.” and she waved Elizabeth off the dark laurel-lined driveway in her beaten up BMW.

She had been distracted during the short drive and was still breathing heavily and thinking of Jenny’s gorgeous perfectly matched breasts with their tiny but oh so sensitive pink nipples as she let herself into her office.  She shook herself briefly to clear her head and headed out to meet the people waiting for her as they were each week, noting down the issues they wanted her to be mindful of today;  Mrs Clarke’s lumbago, Nigel’s stomach pains and Jeremy’s sense of unease about his marriage were all jotted down in the notebook she kept close to her at all times.

She inhaled the myriad scents that surrounded her, flowers, furniture wax and polished brass shining in the thin winter sun and noted with satisfaction that it was warm out here.  “Good”  she thought “I have time, there is time.”

Heading back to the small room that was for her use alone, she grabbed the leatherbound book that was always open on the desk, looking for the well thumbed pages halfway through and lifted the edge of her long black skirt as she found her usual perch on the corner of desk that had been more used to signing certificates than the use she regularly put it to.

Her fingers found their way to her already sensitive nub. Her hand encased her mound as she inserted a finger – “Oh wet again” she thought, and refused to apologise, but instead began to read aloud as she fucked herself bringing images to her mind of Jenny with her long legs and slender feet in high heels spread before her as she watched her touch herself.

“How beautiful art thy feet with shoes, O prince’s daughter!  The joints of thy thighs are like jewels, the work of the hands of a cunning workman”

“Thy navel is like a round goblet which wanteth not liquor, thy belly is like an heap of wheat set about with lillies.”

The formal language, at odds with the sensual imagery and the erotic images in her mind created a heady mix of arousal and apparent disapproval generated a heady kick start to her already turned on state. She was queen of her body here, placed in service to a higher calling perhaps but still available to her an interlude of pleasure.

Speeding up slightly she focused on imagining the sensations generated as she travelled down Jenny’s smooth belly with her tongue in her mind, her silky skin tasting of the sea and sun  as she moaned beneath her.  Small muted gasps escaped Elizabeth as she worked away with her fingers and she shrugged off the sounds of people chattering excitedly, music beginning in the background outside the office door.

Not long, now, she thought, feeling the heat building behind her pubic bone, ripples of pleasure radiating out from her clitoris and engaging with the muscles inside her vagina as they pulsed in response to the song of celebration of the beauty and sensuality of the female body on the page, her thoughts, her Jenny, her body.

Her fingers were working harder, urging her towards the edge of the cliff where she would jump and swoop into pleasure. One final push, one more thought, she needed one more thought and she would be there.

She reached for the book again.

“I am my beloved’s, and my beloved is mine.”

Yes cried Elizabeth as she thought of Jenny laid out before her, inviting her into taste, suck, pleasure and satiate.

“Thy two breasts are like two young roes that are twins.”

Jenny, hands cradling generous breasts, a thumb and finger on each nipple and a look of delight as she saw the effect of that vision on Elizabeth sprang to mind. They mirrored each other in their pleasure and acceptance of themselves and each other.  A true meeting of minds, bodies and souls.

Her orgasm crashed into her as she steadied herself against the desk, cunt clenching and unclenching as it did around Jenny’s fingers, letting the spasms contine as she withdrew her own and licking them clean as she heard the organ strike up the  opening chords reminding her of where she was.

Elizabeth let down her skirt, winked at herself in the mirror, adjusted her collar and opened the door to greet the Dean and the Choristers. She caught Jenny’s eye with a beaming smile, she was seated at the front of the Nave, and joined the congregation and choir in the first line of the Processional hymn …

“O Come All Ye Faithful”…

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