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#SinfulSunday – brave

Apparently this is brave. 

According to a tweet I saw this week the brave ones are the middle aged women posting arse pics. My response to that is fuck brave, this is not brave, this is essential. 

My stomach, rippled and stretched from my four beloved babies is a wonder of the world. A geography of pleasure and commitment and love. I reject the idea that I should hide it, from myself or from others. I reject the sense that I need to be perfect, young or thin. I reject any disapproval for posting images of myself on the Internet. 

My body is my own, I put it in service of my family, my husband, my lovers, my friends, in all it’s glorious imperfection. Through it I experience the world, through it I connect to others. 

My sin this week is pride. I am proud of my body, proud of me and proud of all my twitter friends who share their pictures online. Fuck brave, this is real. 

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