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Apparently this is brave. 

According to a tweet I saw this week the brave ones are the middle aged women posting arse pics. My response to that is fuck brave, this is not brave, this is essential. 

My stomach, rippled and stretched from my four beloved babies is a wonder of the world. A geography of pleasure and commitment and love. I reject the idea that I should hide it, from myself or from others. I reject the sense that I need to be perfect, young or thin. I reject any disapproval for posting images of myself on the Internet. 

My body is my own, I put it in service of my family, my husband, my lovers, my friends, in all it’s glorious imperfection. Through it I experience the world, through it I connect to others. 

My sin this week is pride. I am proud of my body, proud of me and proud of all my twitter friends who share their pictures online. Fuck brave, this is real. 

Don’t forget to click on the lips below to see who else is being sinful this Sunday ?

47 thoughts on “#SinfulSunday – brave

  1. Being rightfully proud isn’t a sin (believe me, I’m a Reverend!) and you are rightfully proud of this beautiful image. Loved your words too. Well said!

  2. “Fuck brave – this is real.” I love it. Embacing yourself fully is a real challenge for a lot of people; if you do, it can be strange to hear that what you consider just being authentic is something other people find scary. The first thing I thought when seeing your photo was (similar to Heelsnstocking), “DAMN that’s hot!”

  3. OMG Eye, this is stunning. The words, the image, the attitude, your pride… all just stunningly beautiful and gorgeous. This image, this post, is the winner of this week. Just stunning!!!

    Rebel xox

  4. Totally and absolutely agree about the “brave” thing. It’s fake praise that’s really an insult.

    But that image: holy fuck! That is hot! With the impact of a punch in the solar plexus. Breath-taking, literally. Really, really sexy!

  5. This is so powerful. I’m so happy that you can be proud, many people are made to feel they should actually be ashamed of their bodies. As for the ‘brave’ comments, I’m a little torn. For someone who has overcome their fears in order to post an image of themselves I believe there can be bravery involved but it can also be fake praise used as an insult.

    But keep doing what you do, you should be proud this is fucking hot!

  6. This is one of the most beautiful – and hottest – pictures I think I’ve ever seen. Your life and experiences are right there and that’s really powerful. I can’t help but thinking about kissing your stomach and being between your amazing legs while looking at this xx

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