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    #SinfulSunday – sinful

      What is it that drives me to take these photos? To put my camera on voice command and throw it to the green ground and straddle to take an upskirt picture? The same impulse that drives me to take time away from friends and music and to find a place where I can hear and see everyone around me indulging in wholesome pursuits. Am I mad? Or bad? I have been called both. But this impulse also drives me to go knickerless in lacy tights. Wear sequins in the daytime. And to dance, grinning with strangers in the rain at midnight. This impulse is life. It is lust It…

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    #SinfulSunday – return

    There is nothing better than a shower on my return home. The water taking the dust of my travels away as it gushes over my body. Returning to my white room with its delicate scent of flowers and comfortable bed. Returning to my sense of self and enjoying how I feel. Remember to click on the lips below to see who else is being sinful this Sunday ?

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    #SinfulSunday – dappled

    Another shot from last week’s gloriously hot day in the beautiful garden. I lay on the bench in the shade of the appletree, enjoying the play of early morning sunlight on my skin. I’m hard-pressed to call this sinful actually, but pleasurable it certainly was. Don’t forget to click on the lips below to see who else is being sinful this Sunday ?

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    A dainty kind of desire

    I am wistful for you, a dainty kind of desire, an easy to keep in a pocket desire. Lacy, pointy and elegant, associated with sighs and a drooping head, it glances up from eyes partly hidden under hair. Discrete comings, stifled yelps quickly turned to a laugh to cover itself. But what is growing in me now is a need that roars its demands through pounding blood and throbbing tissue A craving girl who will not be denied. Whose mouth is permanently open to receive and from which moans, groans and gutteral grunts emerge as if torn from a mooring deep inside her that no longer serves. I want you.…

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    #SinfulSunday – housesitting

    Housesitting sometimes involves duties, in this case watering a beautiful, secluded and private garden. It was too good a chance to resist, and soon I was gasping as the cool droplets landed on my skin. Seems I like getting naked outdoors. Who knew? Don’t forget to click on the lips below to see who else is being sinful this Sunday. And don’t forget to comment, we love comments ?

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    Keep holding my hand you say, and stroll with me, the views are amazing. Try and stop me I think, I have your hand so tight that the blood must have stopped. I am high stepping alongside you, proud and bright-eyed. Hail a cab? No problem! Find the percentage of a monthly sales figure? Just watch me. Edge 20 times in a day? Shall I do 30 tomorrow? Hot and horny after a day in your service, I wonder, is it OK to be so wanton? Of course it is, it’s you, comes the reply. Tonight I sleep bound, for you ?❤️? first published on Fetlife in December 2013    

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    The Practice of Falconry

      I am your hawk you do not ask me not to hunt you do not cope my beak or talons instead.. you exhalt in my flight employ my abilities in your service retain me under your thumb stoop-homed, breath-bated with blood feathers primed I wait.. You have me hoodwinked, made my focus yours been my excitement’s captor roused, released and recall-lured me. I keen, a lamping we go! first posted on Fetlife December 2013 still true ?