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What is it that drives me to take these photos? To put my camera on voice command and throw it to the green ground and straddle to take an upskirt picture?

The same impulse that drives me to take time away from friends and music and to find a place where I can hear and see everyone around me indulging in wholesome pursuits.

Am I mad? Or bad? I have been called both. But this impulse also drives me to go knickerless in lacy tights. Wear sequins in the daytime. And to dance, grinning with strangers in the rain at midnight.

This impulse is life.

It is lust

It is creativity

It is love

And I will dance with it at midnight in the rain until I die ?

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17 thoughts on “#SinfulSunday – sinful

  1. hope those impulses never stop eye cause they make this guys Sunday better and even more so they have made me happy for the 1st time this weekend xxx

  2. I do love these kinds of impulses, although my phone never understands what I’m trying to say so I end up shouting at it like some mad woman…will I stop…nah!

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