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Another long day had nagged at her enjoyment of the smallest things.  Usually able to take pleasure in the intense aroma of a well-made cup of coffee or at the sight of a turning leaf falling from a tree through an arc of sunlight, today’s demands had made her hair grey rather than silver and threatened the reliable smile on her face.

She needed something sweet to reconnect her with delight once more but was unable to deliver it to herself in her careworn state.

Her phone pinged with a notification –


Yes, she replied and proceeded to empty her cares into the phone, telling him of the additional responsibilities heaped on her at work without the authority to carry them out, of the intransigence of her ex spouse in the final throes of their divorce, of her concern for her adult children and their experience of their parents in this difficult time, of how it had hurt when they lost their easy connection and how afraid she was that it wouldn’t ever return, how that year when they met only twice and she had tried to fill the gap was the worst ever, and how she was tired, so tired that she thought she might not sleep tonight and then how would she manage with tomorrow’s demands which would not stop, she knew it.

Breathe, he said.

Then. He told her to look at the pictures of the sunset they took during their previous weekend together. The ones he took of the mist rolling towards them under the firey stripes of the sunset as they drank gin and tonics and chatted. “Remember, he said, that I kissed you when you arrived? I needed that so much.” And she remembered, the shock of the re-connection, that had lit her up like a battery in a dead torch. “Ah, yes!” she responded, brain appeased for the moment by the lovely memories he had sparked, then again the worries came in a wave, threatening to engulf her and he listened patiently as she offloaded more care, more woe, more upset into him until finally he typed..

“Ssshhh. Pick a number between 6 and 9.

She was instantly intrigued, decided to go for 7 for no other reason than she liked 8 better but she was still not OK with herself and her choices.

The message came back

“Crack on then.”

And she knew that the connection had been restored, as he encouraged her to focus, to remember, to connect, to think of Him as she pleasured herself 7 times for Him, for their us.

He had fed her some sugar to sweeten a hard day.

It tasted so sweet.


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