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19 thoughts on “#SinfulSunday – take them off

  1. I have a bit of thing about red shoes and red panties are always sexy…. and you have amazing legs and the angle of this shot is perfection. The whole thing is super hot!


  2. Yep love the matching undies and shoes, and that fluffy rug under? you, now that would be fun to recline on…
    I can relate to the no knicker thingie… had on a long Indigo coloured dress today and my neighbour jokingly asked if I’d just been to church? (Knowing that was very unlikely). Little did she know I had no knickers on underneath…

  3. Your knickers match your ankles! Now that’s forward planning!

    I think panties are at their sexiest, worn around the ankles.

    (But I’ve never worked out which is more fun: to give the order and watch, or take them down myself. Both are ace! But you’ve made an excellent case for the first option!)

    Lovely photo! A moment in time well captured!

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