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What is this image about?

The processing has given it an overexposed look to respond to this month’s prompt but as I took it I was thinking about what prompts me to take part in this même each week.

Whilst it feels exposing to do this ultimately there is power in vulnerability and engaging with our worst fears. In my 50s I discovered how to get comfortable with myself, my body and my desires. Exposing myself in this way has been part of my journey and whilst I recognise for some that is an over exposure I am convinced that it is a healthy process.

This is an image of a semi-naked woman in her late 50s who is lying comfortably in her own bed paid for by her own money and who is choosing to expose her what she feels is her most ugly part – her belly which has stretched and retreated 4 times to grow and shelter another person.

It speaks to me of autonomy and confidence. It speaks to me of life and love.

What does it speak to you of?

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Sinful Sunday

40 thoughts on “#SinfulSunday – over exposed

  1. This image speaks to me of beauty, history and courage. Beauty in form and words, so positive and accepting. History for the respect your body is due not only for its beauty and strength but for the battles it’s fought. Lastly, courage; courage to show and share and be and feel exposed and courage to move forward in strength and light for whatever life throws at you next.

  2. This is an absolutely gorgeous photo! I think sinful Sunday makes a lot of us want to share our most intimate areas. And that doesn’t mean the rudest areas. It is a safe place and a very special community.
    Aurora x

  3. Great post Eye. It’s great to see you looking so relaxed and open. I think its great that mature women share their sexy lived in bodies, for the sake of other women who may not feel comfortable in their own skins, for men so they see sexiness in confidence and strength rather than stereotype, and for ourselves so we continue in beauty as we age. Regards, thanks, Indie xx

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