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30 thoughts on “#SinfulSunday – dirty girl

    1. It is the trickle that makes this image for me. I thought about cropping it to exclude my stomach but decided to leave it in because of the trickle

  1. Fabulous image Eye. Obviously some ancient ritual going on here and as rituals go this one is hot and sexy. I should have said arousing as well. It looks like coffee grouts to me and the way you have gloriously rubbed them into your magnificent breasts makes me think you are paying homage to the noble coffee bean. Or it could be you just wanted to turn us on. Whatever the case, you have succeeded on all counts. CPx

  2. Christ on a bike Eye this is so fucking hot to me. I find getting dirty really damn sexy, the idea of grit and grime kind of dirt just does it for me.


  3. This image… oh gosh, Eye, this is stunning. I really love it! It’s raw and sexy and just beautiful. At first I thought it was some kind of mud but now I know it’s coffee. You dirty girl!

    Rebel xox

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