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Everything that lives fades, including us, but there is often beauty in that fading and I saw it in my yellow tulips as they drooped and dropped their yellow heads in their vase on my desk.

I allowed myself the indulgence of enjoying them a last time. Such fleeting beauty caught and released in a cold white bath was a contrast I enjoyed in a strangely visceral way.

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Sinful Sunday

22 thoughts on “#SinfulSunday – beauty fades

  1. My daffodils I bought the other day are wilting but they don’t do it in quite the same beautiful way that tulips do. I love what you have done here, the little yellow petals laying between your legs is so clever


  2. I love the way that flowers look against soft skin – always a beautiful combination. I guess the good thing about humans is that as we age, our parts don’t generally fall off. 😉

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