When it hits, it hits hard

Four and a half years, a blink of an eye that takes an eternity.

Our relationship, shadowed by commitments and enmeshed through bits and bytes and data packets, moves and changes as we live and love.

Long enough to settle into comfort I didn’t expect this resurgence of desire to burn so deep. How could I know that there was more? A chance coming across a picture of You with that look in Your eyes that makes me melt in anticipation of the sting of Your hand and the pinch of my nipple has resulted in this, a late night mewl from a cat on heat.

If I could I would wind myself around Your legs, sway sinously as I present my shapely arse to You and wriggle my way seductively towards You, my purr throbbing with need asking to be taken and used, taken and used, used and taken.

Oh take me, just take me and make me feel my abject belonging once more.

My Master, my love, just Yours, just Yours, just every pore ?❤?


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