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24 thoughts on “#SinfulSunday – fishnets II

  1. This is a stunningly picture that should be adorning a wall in pride of place. Love the perspective, the many different patterns which keep the eye busy, and the tantalising glimpses of skin. Magnificent.

    O x

  2. I keep seeing all these photos with a black background; is this a feature / filter on the new iPhone, or are you achieving that effect through photo editing software? Seeing the fishnets pop like that out of the darkness is fucking hot!

      1. I have an Android phone, but I take my photos with an actual camera – I’ll see if there’s a PC version available, as you’re the third or fourth person to recommend this app. Thanks!

        1. There is but bit is paid for. I will send you the original from my phone if you like do you can see if it would work to take those kind of photos on your phone?

          1. I’ve downloaded a piece of software that will allow me to use phone apps on my PC; I’ll give Snapseed a try this week!

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