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This month’s prompt is the rule of thirds. I also have created a new rule for myself. At least two out of every month’s Sinful Sunday images must come from those I have already taken for the foreseeable future so that I can begin to bring down the number of NSFW photos I have on my phone.

This week’s photo actually was taken at least a year ago in a house I no longer live in but I felt it fitted the prompt and it is one of a set that I have used images from before and liked.  I like the palette, the sunshine and the warmth and, if I say so myself, my boobs look great in this photo too!

Sometimes it isn’t a bad thing to look back is it?

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Sinful Sunday

27 thoughts on “#SinfulSunday – thirds

    1. It is a lovely image. It has a feel I g of peace, calmness and confidence about it. You’re absolutely right about the setting and palette too. It’s a lovely image. I think I would like another version…exactly the same, but with a cup of tea in your free hand.
      Looking back IS good, asking as your focus remains the here and now, or the future. In other words, be nostalgic, but use it to drive a happier future and not to make you sad now. X

  1. I definitely know what you mean about the nsfw phone images lol! This is a beautiful photo so I am glad you’re sharing some of your back catalogue of pics. I really love your robe!
    Aurora x

  2. I still love the intersection of curves and use of mirrors. I love the blue now too when contrasted with flesh tone. A wonderful compsition. If you need help offloading the NSFW photos, I can help with that now that I’m retired.. 😉

  3. Why of course, like shoes we never throw away. Old photos can be discovered in the garage sales of our anonymous souls. Hoping archivists will re-examine and wonder about the thoughts of the soul that snapped the photo.

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