Sinful Sunday

#SinfulSunday – sheela na gig

Sheela na gig , represented by mounds, slits and cuts in the earth.

Worshipped for her fertile sexuality and unapologetic earthlinked eroticism it seemed apt to take pictures of my freshly waxed cunt here.

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Sinful Sunday

A Neolithic earthwork was the location for this week’s #SinfulSunday.

I parked by the side of the road and walked the 400 yards to the entrance, a cleft in the small mound that was created so long ago.

You have to crawl to get inside the damp dark space. The floor covered in beech leaves blown in from countless autumns, the thick loamy smell accompanied by the sounds of drips from the limestone ceiling.

Once inside I quickly stripped, positioned myself and the camera and began to take photos.

On my way back to the car I passed the next visitors heading towards the landmark.

Another close shave getting my #SinfulSunday picture!


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