#SinfulSunday – the littlest things

Close up of little toenail painted green

Today’s prompt is macro which as I use the phone on my camera to take pictures I struggled with for various reasons. None of which are my or anyone else’s fault but are a combination of lack of time to explore and technical ability.

Whilst this is frustrating it got me thinking which is a good thing. Macro is shorthand for a focus into a small part of a bigger picture and so, this photo was born.

When I first submitted to my Master He asked me two things always to wear matching underwear and to paint my little toenails purple as a reminder of my belonging to Him. If I doubted our connection I had a reminder on my body that only we knew the meaning of. Its purpose was to remind me that I belonged and was precious to Him. The matching underwear was to remind me that, even after years of childrearing and household chores I was an attractive sexual woman at my core.

The other toes’ colours were my choice, and reminded me that my submission was only a 10th part of my whole life’s context. I had many other responsibilities that would need my focus at times and this proportion was a right and guiding principle in those times.

Things changed radically after my marriage broke up and for a while I painted all my toes purple. It felt good to express how deeply I felt my commitment to us by this means. It perhaps reflected my being out of balance too as I sought to find myself in this new landscape.

These days I offer Him the opportunity to choose the colours of the nail varnish on all my toes. If there are moments in the month of special significance He reflects that in His colour choice.

This month’s choice is blue and green.

It will be a good month.

All toes

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Sinful Sunday


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