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SinfulSunday – close shave

Shaving pubic hair

This week’s SinfulSunday is a photo taken during our holiday last week.

I had asked Him, ‘how do you want me hairy or smooth’ He replied ‘smooth, and I will take take of it next week.’

Shaving. Such an intimate, caring act. He knows that smoothness heightens my sensitivity and makes it easier for me to orgasm but that I have to travel 30 miles to get it done well and don’t always have time before we meet.

By saying He would take care of it He relieved me of the responsibility for pleasing Him and also set the scene for a very sensual intimate moment.

A push onto the bed, manuoevering me into positions, exposing my vulnerable intimate parts and acting with care and deliberation. D/s is not all ropes and spanking!

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Sinful Sunday


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