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Body love

I haven’t been very comfortable in my body for the last year or so. Covid19 and the deaths of both my parents within 2 years hit my emotional and physical health dramatically

The Germans have a word for it, don’t they always? They call it Kummerspeck or grief bacon and it feels apt.

Composed of cortisol and solidified tears it settled around my middle in a way that felt unhealthy and was as unwanted as the causes.

I have been working hard to regain my fitness levels for the past year and to get a handle on my emotional eating patterns. It’s been a real struggle at times, and whilst beauty is in the eye of the beholder and I know my love loves all of me, I however, do not love my stomach, inspite of being able to see the beauty in others’ bodies of all shapes and sizes.

This image caught my eye as I got ready to go out yesterday and I liked what I saw. And, having started using the Noom app to create good eating and drinking habits where I was encouraged to notice and celebrate changes wherever I saw them, I leapt with has most recently been uncharacteristic enthusiasm, to take a picture.

So, here I am. Celebrating this 63 year old body with a blog post and a picture.

Learning to love myself again, one day at a time.

I encourage you to gather whatever resources you have to do the same.


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