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This week’s #ThreeThings – 4th June 2022

This week’s #ThreeThings started on Wednesday. I’d stopped doing them because I felt so cross and sad about ,(gestures weakly) everything, and then noticed that my mood was slipping as the focus on small joys this practice gives me was replaced by a focus on all the pain, anger and upset I was feeling.

I have always avoided calling this a Gratitude Practice as I felt I had been so grateful for such small pieces of attention and love in the past and that I needed to practice feeling worthy of it rather than grateful for it in a kind of desperate way – It wouldn’t be enough (read it here).

However, as I move away from the trauma and desperate sadness of the past, I can see that being grateful is a positive action, one of self-love rather than self-sacrifice, and possibly the most important action for my mental health and happiness that I could do every day.

So, dear reader, I started again at the beginning of June and this time I intend to keep going. My intention is also to update this blog once a week with a week’s worth of #ThreeThings to bring us all joy and to remind us to savour the journey we’re all on.

1st June 2022

Twitter feed 01/06/2022

2nd June 2022

🥰 a wonderful evening in the garden yesterday

🌞 sun forecasted for today

🌻 my garden growing like Topsy

3rd June 2022

ThreeThings - 03/06/2022

4th June 2022

🙂 a quiet start to the day

😍 chats with YS and his lovely gf

💞 two more days of pleasing ourselves

As I usually say after all my posts, what about you? What small pleasures, brief moments of joy, shards of happiness are you experiencing today?

I love it when you join in 💗

PS – don’t just take it from me, better minds that mine agree that a Gratitude Practice will enhance everyone’s mental health – take a listen to this Ted Talk


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