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    Body love

    I haven’t been very comfortable in my body for the last year or so. Covid19 and the deaths of both my parents within 2 years hit my emotional and physical health dramatically The Germans have a word for it, don’t they always? They call it Kummerspeck or grief bacon and it feels apt. Composed of cortisol and solidified tears it settled around my middle in a way that felt unhealthy and was as unwanted as the causes. I have been working hard to regain my fitness levels for the past year and to get a handle on my emotional eating patterns. It’s been a real struggle at times, and whilst…

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    #SinfulSunday – intense

    This week is prompt week, this month’s is to position the camera on the floor and to take the shot from there. This is something I have done before. Hurling my phone to the ground and using the voice command to take dramatic, handsfree upskirt shots. This time though I had the chance of a gorgeous model (@focusedandfilthy) and the opportunity to take pictures of her in a rather intense environment on a very hot day. I hope you like the results. I do! Don’t forget to click on the link below to see what other wonderful images have been posted this week

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    No touching

    I don’t touch myself. My own hand between my own legs doesn’t feel sexy, it feels invasive. If I pinch my own nipples I am bemused by the dissociation present between the parts of my body and my mind. If I cup my own breasts I am just shocked by the weight of them rather than enraptured by their curves. I do not touch myself. Which was the cart and which the horse? I don’t remember masturbating as a child, so much so that I didn’t really know it was a thing a girl or a woman would or could do. My thrill was in the sensation that could be…

  • Sinful Sunday

    #SinfulSunday – #InternationalWomensDay

    My ability to take this photo and post it is a freedom that has been won by those coming before me. We are more than our bodies, yet our bodies connect us to the rhythms and cycles of life and carry our being on our journey through it. I celebrate its beauty, patinated with experiences and carried forward by love. I put it on public view to help dispel the belief that only those that fit whatever current criteria of beauty is in force have the right to do so. I fight the concept of older women’s invisibility with these posts. I encourage you and I to love ourselves simply…

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    Come as you are

    This image has no editing apart from flipping it so you can read the words on my body. Ironically written, with the last of the felt tips pens my youngest had when he and I shared drawing and colouring as a hobby, they put into picture the words I hear when I look at my body in the morning light. Four kids, periods of over eating, no exercise, and the menopause have all had their effect on my body. Sorrow and stress have too. I am sixty, soon to be sixty one and questioning my judgement regarding posting naked images for much longer. We don’t like older people much. We…