Sinful Sunday

On Valentine’s Day ❤


I am thinking about love on Valentine’s Day.

A day that in the past I have felt I couldn’t get right for fear of getting it wrong. An uneasy day because of that and in spite of gorgeous cards which offered me love and devotion but that cost me dearly.

This year I post my Valentine’s Day card to the One who choose me.

This picture of me shows how far I have come in love. Offering it first to myself before giving it to another.  This is what I have been taught. I am truly grateful.

I love how elegant my legs look and the arch and shape of the shoe heel and sole.  The gap between my stocking tops and suspender belt intersected by the lengthening ridge of the suspender clasp is erotically pleasing. I own my feelings, my arousal, my desire, my love.

I feel sexy. I feel powerful. I feel me

Thank you

Your eye x



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