Sinful Sunday

#SinfulSunday belly


Four children have been grown and nurtured in my belly.

I see my shape formed from this stretch and release over three and a half years in total and love it now. The left side hangs a little lower if I lean over you. Someone’s foot repeatedly pushing on my stomach wall did that. The stretch marks appeared as my innie became an outie.  I remember the wonder as I saw for the first time where I had been connected to my mother.  The curves are still those of a fertile woman, hips large and rounded.  I surrender to my history and biology.  I embrace my future.

My belly has worked hard. Now is my time for pleasure and enjoyment. One of which is posting pictures of a fifty year old plus body with a sense of having finally come home to it.

Listen to your body. It knows what it wants.


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Sinful Sunday


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