They had played like puppies all evening; rolled, wrestled, tugged, pulled, licked, smelt, bit and explored.  His mouth and tongue an extension of his fingers, latched onto her nipples and making her leap and buck with each bite and suck.  Sweat pooled between both their breasts as they fell into a deep sleep.  Worn out by laughter and pleasure, satiated by lust felt and acted upon, enlivened by their own desire and feelings of being desired.

Her foot extended to his during the night to continue the connection through that simple touch which had sparked from their eyes and begun with a deep searching kiss before dinner.

The next morning, after awakening to the sounds of birds through the open window, her cries and his moans joined the dawn chorus.  Their springtime evocation of lust and rutting evidenced by the small darkening pits of bruises on her arms where he pinned her down and she surprised him with her strength and rolled him over laughing, their kin surrounding the pale areole around her nipples and the stripes reddening across her bottom.

Groaning at the need to get up they left both the mugs of tea and crushed sheets behind and headed to the bathroom.  He said “I think we shower together, it will save water.” She responded with a grin and a light kiss and took his hand to step over the bath rim and into the cascading water, taking the opportunity to notice his broad firm shoulders and arms and his back covered in a fine nap of dark hair and remembering her arms and legs locked around his body and urging him into her the night before.

He noticed her grimacing slightly as the water hit the over sensitised nipples that he had punished so hard all evening.  Checked out the darkening strips from his belt on her pert bum as he swung her around, his hand on her throat, and pushed her into the full flow so that she gasped and choked slightly.

His cock twitched in response and he pushed down the desire to press harder on her throat.  This reaction was new and puzzling to him.  “How could he want to hurt this gorgeous creature and why would it make him hard when he did?” he thought, and shook his head as a confusing array of feelings washed over him. Desire, a need for control, to see the effects of actions provoked in her

She arched her back into his smooth slippery belly and pressed her arse into him, twisting a foot behind his calf to pull him into her, and causing another response as his cock sprang to attention. An act compelled by desire and a need to contact flesh, to stay connected to his flesh, and being connected to be consumed.

Whilst noticing and appreciating his hardening cock she was wrong footed by his chuckle as he unentangled himself from her and reached behind for the shower gel.  He kissed the top of her head and asked “May I wash your hair?” Her nod assented and so began the most tender caretaking she had experienced.

Hands that had teased and hurt now gentled and soothed.  Her breathing deepened and she relaxed into him.  Allowing the care, allowing the access, luxuriating in the attention.  Water gushed over her head, the sharp mint smell of the gel provoked and added to the overload of her senses.

Each stroke of the hair was followed by a double handed longer stroke, down over her sensitive breasts, over her belly and into her cleft where she trembled on the edge of his fingers like a bird on a thin wire.

Spinning her around and pushing her against the cold wet tiles brought another gasp from her. His hand grasped her hair pulling it up with determined and measured tension as he lowered his mouth to her nipple.

She careened, pulled this way and that by his rhythmic attention. Swaying as she tried to pull her tortured flesh away and once this cessation of stimuli was achieved, returning once more for his sweet punishment.

He looked at her.  Head back, her lovely throat exposed, mouth open, hair in tendrils around her face, eyes wide and then rolling as pleasure rocked through her, legs trembling as she fought to stay, go, stay, go and to manage the pain and the arousal his actions evoked in her. Muted calls and murmuring of ‘yes, oh, please, don’t stop’ as she surrendered to it, surrendered to her body’s call and requirements, surrendered to him.

“This”, he thought, wondering at the exquisite beauty of the moment before him “this is what makes me hard and her wet.”

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