Sinful Sunday

#SinfulSunday roundup 275

Blimey! So many great images and ideas it was very difficult to chose.  But five leapt out at me because of their shared theme – well it was obvious to me that they were all very cheeky!

First up is Eugene’s Woolly Breast –  He reckons he was inspired by me!  The cheek of it!

Secondly the always lovely The Other Livvy  – this was just lovely cheeky  badness.  I can imagine the smile on her face can’t you?

These guys are excellent – great products and the most brilliant attitude G Silicone’s Dr Dildo – an artful image with a great cheeky smile

Fourthly Exposing 40 – she manages to marry bare faced cheek with a sense of poise and elegance.  Always exciting and regularly thought provoking.

What can I say?  *fans face* just that if a great deal of water didn’t separate us then Holden & Camille would not have been alone!!

#SinfulSunday is a wonderful meme, curated by the equally fabulous Molly of  – how about you join in next week?

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