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I love camping. I love the proximity to the outdoors, to the real world. This weekend has been an affirmation of choices made. Of behaviour confronted. Of autonomy asserted.

Part of that is the choice to post, what I want, when I want.

Here is my choice. From a campsite in Wiltshire to you, wherever you are  ?
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Sinful Sunday

25 thoughts on “#Sinfulsunday – choice

  1. You look so happy – and a little bit mischievous. ^^ I love the color of the blanket next to your eyes. Being naked outdoors is the best feeling…

  2. This is wonderful. I love your words so much and I love how your photo epitomizes the name if your blog. Clear eyed girl. You are indeed and this picture shows it in such a lovely way.

    1. Thank you Maria. The name and theme of the blog matters a great deal to me. I really appreciate your kind words and you taking the time to comment ☺

  3. Hurrah for happy choices! I am not a camping person but I do love getting out into the countryside and being close to nature, just never liked the idea of sleeping in it.


  4. You look so happy and relaxed and that makes this image shine! I love the outdoors too, I just like a comfortable place to sleep and not too much rain…not that I’m being picky or anything ;-p

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