#SinfulSunday – celebrate

This week’s image doesn’t seem very sinful at first sight.  However there is something that still feels transgressive about showing my stomach even after all the work I have done in the gym and on loving my body as it is.

I used to feel I should cover it up, that it was a part of me that was long past its ‘good to look at phase’ due to lumps and bumps and stretch marks.

These days I am positively exhibitionist in comparison. I strip off willy-nilly in changing rooms.  I no longer undress under my clothes. Sometimes I even admire myself in the mirrors at the gym and take the occasional photograph.

So this Sunday  join me in celebrating a body that is loved and taken care of, that has given pleasure and life to me and others, and that I intend to inhabit to the full, to the end, whether that’s considered virtuous or sinful ?

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Sinful Sunday


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