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‘The word of God (usually symbolised as a beam of light) entered Mary through her ear thus allowing the virgin conception of Jesus’

I lay in the beams of the late afternoon sun. My cunt rosy and warmed by its rays and considered how might our history be changed if the Word of God was thought to first incarnate via our vaginas.

Blasphemous or not, stories matter. See who else is telling a different story this Sunday by clicking on the lips below ?

Symbolism in the Annunciation

31 thoughts on “#SinfulSunday – Annunciation

  1. This is bloody BRILLIANT Eye. I loved it for the photo, but when I read the words, now I’ll never forget it. Especially the beam that casts it’s light right to your blasphemous bits! ?

  2. The sun has been amazing this weekend hasn’t it. At last we emerge from winter. I so love the way the sun shines on you. An awakening perhaps?

      1. I honestly can’t put my finger on why it had such an effect. I wouldn’t say I’m a particularly spiritual person and my emotions have been all over the place recently too. It is a truly remarkable image though 🙂

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