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Housesitting sometimes involves duties, in this case watering a beautiful, secluded and private garden.

It was too good a chance to resist, and soon I was gasping as the cool droplets landed on my skin. Seems I like getting naked outdoors.

Who knew?

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30 thoughts on “#SinfulSunday – housesitting

    1. I was a bit critical of it technically but I loved the feel. I blew the highlights in the edit but I like that sometimes. Thanks for your comment x

  1. We don’t have a garden but can you please come and splash a water so I can just watch:)
    I love how free and confident with your body you look. Stunning image!

  2. This brought back memories of my childhood, I used to love running naked through the sprinklers in the garden.

    Thank you for giving me such wonderful memories whilst providing a far better view!

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