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This week’s prompt is red and so emboldened by my previous car light picture I decided to return to the country lane and take another picture in the dark but this time lit by the brake lights.

It was a warm night , the soft rain fell on to my breasts exposed to the air by my open coat and I enjoyed the usual rush of excitement I get from exhibitionism. The lights from.the houses over the field are just visible in the background.

I hope you enjoy the results of my trip and wonder if perhaps it might inspire you to enjoy the dark nights more?

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Sinful Sunday

25 thoughts on “#SinfulSunday – red light

  1. Oh eye this is fabulous. What a great idea. I think I might have to explore some more night time images but it will need to be warmer for me. Definitely something for next summer


  2. My trouble is I’m red/green colour blind and never really appreciate that brake lights are red. But I can fully appreciate this wonderful erotic photo of you Eye bathed in that warm glow. Years ago some artists were famed for their moonlight paintings. Well now you should be equally feted for your night time shots. CP x

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