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The drip, gasp, drip rythym is slow and intense. A gentle pulse evoking my response; an explosion of sensation followed by the heated sting and as it dissipates the anticipation of the next drop grows, a stately 2/8 dance towards the next moment of heat, my next gasp.

My navel, encircled by a rosy ring of wax feels enlivened and protected. As the scarlet inking grows it traces my leylines, awakening, and connecting them, this is a sacred space.

I glow.

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Sinful Sunday

16 thoughts on “#SinfulSunday – glow

  1. Wow how did I miss this? What an evocative set of images. The 1st teases you as you try to work out the subject and the form then in the 2nd image it hits you, an intense comparison in lighting the candle and letting the wax melt then pouring the molten liquid on to your soft delicate skin. I love wax play.

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