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Is more, or is it?

Am I only sinful when naked, when alluringly posed, when revealing all?

Or is a silhouette, the shape of my legs revealed against the light and through my sheer pyjamas enough to tease your imagination?

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Sinful Sunday

29 thoughts on “#SinfulSunday – less

  1. I’ve always seen photos where someone is wearing *some* clothing are much more sensual and alluring than completely nude photos – the imagination is strong, and this is a great tease for our collective imagination!

  2. Oh, this is definitely more! The hints and teases of what is hidden are enticing, and it’s a really gorgeous photo. x

  3. When I saw the thumbnail and there’s a bit of mystery about whose post I’m about to click, I was lile, FUCK YES, LOVE THIS! When I clicked and saw it was you, I was like, FUCK HELL TO THE YES!
    Brilliant x

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