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35 thoughts on “#SinfulSunday – electricity

  1. The second one is my favourite, there is something about the symmetry with your boobs either side of the blue bubble that I really look. It has a bit of a sci-fi feel to it


  2. I wouldn’t normally comment but wow! The preference seems to be with the second pic but although they are both lovely I have to say the first one is for me.
    Your full shapely breasts shadowed, I love the curves, your waistline showing your efforts paying off.
    God your arms, the veins and muscle of your forearm.
    A truly erotic picture. The lamp hiding the pleasure below your navel leaving this area and your thighs to stimulate the imagination.
    Grateful you have shared.

  3. I love the top one best as it seems the most natural. Not that we all go around carrying lava lamps. The lighting effect you have created here is worthy of an Old Master. I feel as if I have stepped into the studio of Caravaggio or Rembrandt. You look sublime. CP xx.

  4. Both are good (obviously – as they feature you) but I prefer the first one, for the shadows cast over your body. The second I like, but it seems somehow less real than the first. That’s the full extent of my abilities at artistic criticism exhausted now. x

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