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I have a Doxy and I live in a shared house. The 2 things are linked in that the Doxy,whilst propelling me towards an orgasm in under 3 minutes, does it with the relentlessness of a ruthlessly skilled lover who makes a noise like a small aircraft taking off and I do not want my housemates to be made aware of our affair.

This evening, after work as the sun prepared to leave the sky for another night I had the house to myself and I took my lover out of his drawer and he used me over and over again for his own pleasure, as I gasped out mine……. with the door open.

Such pleasure, such sinful pleasure.

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Sinful Sunday

24 thoughts on “#SinfulSunday – other people

  1. Ohhh nice. I don’t share a house with anyone other than my partner, but I do still get that feeling of illicit joy when he’s out and I can wank in the living room. Decadent as fuck.

    Lovely picture and may you be granted even more time on your own to spend with Doxy =)

  2. With a house full of kids I can empathise. We have a doxy too but ours is quite quiet – much more so than our previous wand. Lovely picture and words. 🙂

  3. Brzzzzzzzzz-zzzzzz-Wooaaawoo!

    Never mind your housemates. Everyone pleases themselves, one way or another…

    Anyway, that’s a lovely picture!

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