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It’s a springlike day today but last week it was -4 and my favourite wooly socks and cashmere jumper were my essential clothing to beat the freeze.

Needless to say I also quite enjoyed wearing just them and my knickers as I worked from home on a snow day. There is something so secretly thrilling about a con call dressed like this.

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Sinful Sunday

30 thoughts on “#SinfulSunday – socks

  1. I’m not sure what a con call is but I do know I like this image. Socks have always been a particular delight for me and seeing your lovely pair Eye is very exhilarating. To say the least. xx

  2. I love it too, Eye. For me the casual drape of your hand which attracts my eye. Also on the subject of “eyes” love seeing a glimpse of you looking over the top of your knees.

  3. I love dressing (or not) like that too. Unfortunately I feel the cold so can’t be dressed like that for too long but I do enjoy the freedom and the naughtiness. Lovely picture 🙂

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