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    A new country

    Our bed is a strange country, what has been, even if unhappy, was at least familiar and this is not that, although it is welcome. Which side will be yours? Do you like a light to see my curves and judge my response or will you pull me to you in the dark, lips hot and heavy with desire, and devour me? Your chest has hair, a different slope and is broader and more welcoming. The journey to your navel does not guarantee a shiver of desire as it used to with him but your waistline shakes as I brush it, in a newly delicious way. Your hands hold me…

  • Sinful Sunday

    #SinfulSunday – sheela na gig

    Sheela na gig , represented by mounds, slits and cuts in the earth. Worshipped for her fertile sexuality and unapologetic earthlinked eroticism it seemed apt to take pictures of my freshly waxed cunt here. Don’t forget to click on the lips to see who else is being sinful this week A Neolithic earthwork was the location for this week’s #SinfulSunday. I parked by the side of the road and walked the 400 yards to the entrance, a cleft in the small mound that was created so long ago. You have to crawl to get inside the damp dark space. The floor covered in beech leaves blown in from countless autumns,…

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    I want you

    I want you to find me so beautiful that your breath catches in your throat when you look at me. That all your carefully laid plans fly out of your head at the sight of me and you feel you must have me, there and then. That all thoughts of making me wait are superseded by your throbbing need. That your belt, with which you had intended to mark me, becomes a mere impediment to the fulfilment of your desire. That my breath, tremulous and halting, is the only sound in the room. That when you see my eyes, lightened with arousal, pupils large with lust and need, you only…

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    Leaning in

    We met on a hot day in April by Harrods, you in your suit with laptop and a City grin and me with a charity shop Jaeger dress and my feet sore from London walking. I had a twitter friend with me, and was strangely anxious about you both meeting, what if you didn’t like each other? As it was, who could resist your eyes? Warm, friendly, alive and an unusual hazel colour. They warm the personality denying City uniform and speak always of a lively intelligence and a very special pair of hands. We said good-bye to my friend and caught the tube to the Tate Modern. A Picasso…

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    #SinfulSunday – cross section

    We compartmentalise, create silos, attempt to distract and pull the eye away from the parts we feel ashamed of or dislike. Here, I place that part centre stage and give it a light covering designed to enhance the lines of my body. Is it sinful, I ask myself again? The answer is, it feels taboo so I think it must be! Don’t forget to click on the lips to see who else is being sinful this week will you?

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    Being owned

    It’s a D/s thing, something I never thought I would crave or want. I was a 70s feminist, aghast during my first marriage ceremony to hear the exhortation that I “honour and obey” my young, long haired and bearded soon to be husband standing next to me at the church in a newly purchased brown suit from Burtons. I wanted equality and that meant no-one would or could ever own me, so why now do I long to hear the word “mine” spoken in my ear? I come with a lot of baggage, I defy anyone not to have it at 60, but I own what’s mine as soon as…

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    #BankHolidayBumDay (and a bit of a round up)

    I don’t usually do these roundups as I often don’t have the time or headspace to be that organised about my blogging. Working a full week in a very engaging job takes a lot out of me and my weekends are interspersed with visiting parents, and catching up with adult kids and friends. I need a lot of downtime to manage my new life on my own after being in marriages for most of my adult life. This will change but for now I do what I can and I try not to compete with others or chastise myself too much for falling short. For all the reasons above I…