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#BankHolidayBumDay (and a bit of a round up)

#BankHolidayBumDay 2018

I don’t usually do these roundups as I often don’t have the time or headspace to be that organised about my blogging. Working a full week in a very engaging job takes a lot out of me and my weekends are interspersed with visiting parents, and catching up with adult kids and friends. I need a lot of downtime to manage my new life on my own after being in marriages for most of my adult life. This will change but for now I do what I can and I try not to compete with others or chastise myself too much for falling short.

For all the reasons above I am glad that it’s the 2nd of April 2018, and that this month marks the beginning of @TabithaRayne‘s #30DayOrgasmFun. This brilliant idea from the ever brilliant and totally gorgeous Tabitha encourages us to take full advantage of the mental health benefits that incorporating orgasms into our selfcare routine bring. The benefits of orgasm are obvious (happy endorphins, stress release, pleasure) although the prioritising of this in our busy lives can seem self indulgent at times. Having this as a prompt may help to lighten your mood and put you in a good place for May – which hopefully will bring better weather and some much needed warmth back to us, along with renewed energy levels.

Do go and look at the #Eroticon round ups which can be found here. My experience was very good in-spite of how it might sound in this blogpost. I met wonderful people again, had engaging conversations with them and vowed to continue with my presence here. All of which adds up to an eventful weekend of joy and fun, interspersed with my usual soul searching and a restorative nap. I learnt that I must back up my site, move to self hosting, and how to use the very useful pinch to zoom function in Snapseed to get better lines when editing my photos. I also got to see my friend @mistress34F, hang out with May More ,meet @PosyChurchgate and Dutch Veronique who were delightful. There were others that I connected with but that will be for another post, at another time.

Finally today is a Bank Holiday which gives rise to the regular #BankHolidayBumDay fun. Check out the hashtags for a very pleasant way to spend a few minutes (or more) ogling willing participant’s lovely bums.

I won’t promise to do this again, or every month, or anything as as soon as I do that I won’t want to do it, and that way lies tears. Instead I will offer the 2770 souls who follow this blog (inspite of it not appearing in any searches!) the opportunity to connect with some wonderful writers and exhibitionists who make my day every day.

Enjoy April – the rain doesn’t last forever and the flowers are beautiful ???

eye 💋❤💋

Flowers on the sideboard


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