#SinfulSunday – diptych – entwined

Missy and eye - dipytch - entwined

I look forward to prompt weeks and often find that the constraint of having a concept or word to work with activates my creativity in a way that having free range to do what I want doesn’t.

As in art, also in life.

This month I had something even more delightful to play with – namely a set of images that @Mistress34f and I created when she came for a visit earlier this month.

I hope that this image conveys the sense of easy fun and intimacy that was present when we took this image and the one that Missy has posted this weekend.

This is a new pleasure to me – like most women I was brought up to regard other women as potential threats and my previous relationship was one in which the concept of being intimate with others (even in terms of sharing happy times, emotions or close connection) was regarded as an infidelity.

So, although I have found it challenging to open up to this wonderful possibility; because of my conditioning and also my quite understandable, but ultimately unhelpful fear of vulnerability.

I am so glad that I have.

I love the glimpse of Missy’s gorgeous right breast and the sight of the briefest of slivers of my kimono which she had borrowed and which I am wearing as I type this now whilst grinning at the memories it is evoking for me.

Don’t forget to click on the lips below and see who else is being sinful this week!

Sinful Sunday


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