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Glasses put focus onto  just visible knickers on outstretched legs

White knickers and summer seem to go together don’t they?

Whilst technically not one of my best images (the picture is lopsided, legs placed slightly too much to the left of the picture, not enough room around the toes) I liked it for the combination of erotic charges: legs, glasses and a flash of white knickers).

I hope you do too.

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23 thoughts on “#SinfulSunday – in focus

  1. I’d like to disagree politely. I think it’s a wonderful image. Symmetry isn’t always necessary and with rules of thirds this works well. The contrast between the glasses frame and the white draws the eye closer and down. The toes draw them out again. It’s beautiful.
    Missy x

  2. Well I wouldn’t have noticed any of those reasons you gave for this image not being perfect, even now they’ve been pointed out I’m still at a loss to focus on them :p I think this is a fab image, that not only has a wonderful composition, but subject matter too x

  3. I think you’re giving yourself a hard time as I can see a lot of great things about this image! Asymmetry is fantastic for one, you’ve a lot of leading diagonals from the frames to your feet which leads your eye through the depth of field, you’ve got a good use of rule of thirds and strong tonal contrast, it’s a win in my book! ?

  4. Ahhh white knickers *sigh* my absolute favourite thing on a gal ? I adore this image. It’s so chilled. I’m intrigued by what you might have been reading…

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