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Part of the wonderful thing about the sex blogging world is the great people you meet who you would not normally cross paths with.

May is one of those people. We met first at Eroticon in 2017 and then again just before Christmas for an evening full of wine and the kind of leg slapping ‘I know!’ exclamations that tell you when you have found a kindred spirit. By then i was thoroughly smitten by her personality as well as her excellent writing and photographic eye.

As May knew I was travelling with my son in early January she offered to create a collage of her favourites of my #SinfulSunday posts this year for me to post this week. It is kind of her but I was also interested in what images she would choose.

I was also intrigued as I know that she asked her man for his input and it always give me a frisson of excitement when I imagine others looking at my posts. Exhibitionist much, moi?

So, here they are May More’s favourites of 2018 posts from me. Which one is yours?

Don’t forget to click on the link to see who else is being sinful this week

Sinful Sunday

24 thoughts on “#SinfulSunday – Best of 2018 – May’s edit

  1. Was such a pleasure editing this – I had fifteen at the start- one I really like was the one of your tied taken by domwithadee – but i wanted to use the images you had taken – I had the leather jacket one in the mix but my man said my other choices were better – you are a very photogenic lady Eye x
    Ps. my man commented on similarities in our bodies 😉

  2. What a lovely idea and I really like May’s choices. You have so many beautiful images to choose from so I imagine it was hard for her to narrow things down. ?

  3. My favorite is the pic of May shaving…there is something so sexy about a woman in the shower making herself all smooth and extra touchable. It’s the everyday things like this that I find most sexy!!

  4. They are all fabulous but I do really love the one in the centre, there is something about the angle of that shot that looking up your body that is so captivating


  5. Such a great idea and credit to May for such a super compilation choice and edit. And all credit to you for providing such fantastic images to work with! Wonderful!

  6. That’s a wonderful collage of images. Any one of which would be brilliant on its own. (I can’t choose a fave, sorry.)

    Just sexy and lovely!

    A work of ar, by both of you.

    (Note to self: have to comment earlier. Otherwise I have to follow kisungara, who always says it just right!)

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