my hand and put it where you need my touch. Arrange my limbs to suit your purpose on this cold wintry day. Do you need my heat? Want my moist lips around your velveted head? Require me only to accept you in?

Take it.

Grind my face into the scent of you. Place your hand on my head and push me down, so close my nostrils cannot allow breath in. Fill my mouth with you. Have me moan and wriggle with pleasure mixed with drops of fear. Laugh as you release me, and I gasp and drool, pupils wide with arousal, mouth still open as instructed.

Tease my nipples with your cruel grip. Wrench as I stamp and whirl. Pull me back to you and show me my wet shame. Lacy across your fingers and red across my cheeks.

Rub my gaping cunt with your cock, deny me ’til I am reduced to begging. Have me crawl across the floor to you murmuring all the while, ‘please, please, please Master’.

Take me as you wish, for your pleasure alone. And having taken me, tell me I am your one and only eye. The best eye there ever was. That there is no other eye like me.

Then show me the picture of your latest adventure with a grin.


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