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I have small pink nipples and rounded breasts. They are hot wired to my libido and respond well to touch. He loves to tweak and bite them so He can hear me squeal. Whilst we are apart I often seek to remind myself but can never reach the level of delightful cruelty He can.

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Sinful Sunday

20 thoughts on “#SinfulSunday – touch memory

  1. Ah I know your breasts – in fact we have sat and commented that apart for our skin colour our beasts are very similar – love this composition – with the mirror and the flowers toox

  2. I love this – the imagery of blooming flowers aligned with a small but erotic gesture that can set off a blossoming of arousal is perfect! x

  3. Someone else’s touch creates far more electricity. I do love this image, the delicate pink matches the delicate pink of your nipple in my imagination.

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