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#F4TFriday – Landmarks


I scrolled through my posts looking for those that stood out as landmarks.  The first ones are easy.  The first post ever on my blog.  Where I seem bewildered but determined to get to grips with my changed circumstances – you can read it here: https://wordpress.com/post/cleareyedgirlblog.wordpress.com/3

I  then alighted on and chose this one as it so clearly evokes where we started and when I started playing with words: Strap sound https://wordpress.com/post/cleareyedgirlblog.wordpress.com/545

This post is another landmark; one where we acknowledged the breaking open of the D/s silo we had started the relationship in and our mutual desire to see where that took us: https://wordpress.com/post/cleareyedgirlblog.wordpress.com/3620

Every relationship has its ups and downs – this post was written after a particularly difficult period where we both had to dare to be intimate enough to acknowledge that some of our foundations were crumbling due to not being set on secure enough land: https://wordpress.com/post/cleareyedgirlblog.wordpress.com/2693

My mum’s illness was another landmark.  One where she and I began a new kind of relationship, no longer just based on roles but on mutual affection and in my part gratitude for her gifts of a love of music, dance and theatre. And understanding of the effect her past had had on her mothering.  I felt able to stop my criticism of her and to finally let her off the hook I had her on: https://wordpress.com/post/cleareyedgirlblog.wordpress.com/2750

My dad’s death is one of the big landmarks in anyone’s life and M’s involvement in supporting me moved our relationship into a different place again.  He met with funeral directors with me and helped me to organise a fitting send off for my dad.  I so valued His calm, intelligent support at such a difficult time:  https://wordpress.com/post/cleareyedgirlblog.wordpress.com/3982

We now spend much more time together in our ‘ordinary’ worlds, although nothing He does can ever be really considered that ordinary.  This picture is from our last #InAField where we actually competed together in a way that I would never have been able to believe previously. https://wordpress.com/post/cleareyedgirlblog.wordpress.com/4312

Finally I just would like to thank @kiltedwookie for the kindness he has always showed me.  Hopefully he is moving on to new horizons and other opportunities!




  • May

    Often as we get older the landmarks slow but you have lived a whole life in the last five years or so – I know how that feels too.;-) Really hope you join in with F4TFriday in the future too. And please suggest anything u think would be a good topic and you would like to write about it 😉 x

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