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Stays in the Room by Vlad Lioncourt for Masturbation Monday

Boobs and bubbles

It’s my pleasure to host this fabulous flash fiction from @VladLioncourt . Vlad is a published author – his latest, Breaking Limits – links to both .com and .co.uk are here and here – is an anthology about strong women letting go and is highly recommended.

Hosting this is doubly pleasurable as the prompt image is one I took of my friend May when we met up at my house and enjoyed a great evening setting the world to rights with bubbles. I can no longer remember whose idea this picture was but the output raises a grin from me and I hope it will do the same for you too!

So, with no more ado, enjoy this hot piece of writing from Vlad

Stays in the Room By Vlad Lioncourt

Logan gently lowered himself onto the plush, soft Lazy Boy recliner, then leaned forward to rest his elbows on his knees. Deep in pleasant thought, he rested his chin on the point of his clasped hands. His eyes took in the subtle shapes and misty greys providing some contrast to the large expanse of the darkened room in his massive and incredibly gaudy suite. As ridiculous as it is, on this night it is actually the perfect setting.

His ears searched for a wisp of sound. He allowed a subtle smile to appear when he heard a soft giggle from the bedroom. That was definitely Jennifer. A few seconds later it spread into a full grin at the sound of a second, beautifully musical and completely unmistakable giggle – Carol.

Reaching down, he pulled the near-empty bottle of champagne from the ice bucket on the floor beside him. Shrugging his shoulders, he tipped it up and drank the last swallow, still smiling as he dropped it into his lap. Running his thumb up and down the smooth, cool glass of the bottle, he let go a chuckle.

What a crazy trip so far. He thought about how this night had come to be: his last second decision to depart 2019 in style; check on late flights and overpriced rooms in Vegas. How Serendipity had smiled and provided him with a penthouse suite at Caesar’s Palace for a fraction of the cost. Then meeting Carol on the flight in. Everyone was asleep on the plane, so she had a few hours to kill and chose to sit next to him, in business class. Pleasant conversation had turned into subtle flirting, which had become more overt as she broke the rules and shared a bottle of champagne with him. They were both a little buzzed with the drink, but in truth, they were far more buzzed by each other. Their connection had grown from instant interest and intense focus to subtle touching and whispered sexting. Giving into their primal desires for a few seconds they had even snuck a fiery kiss, but had stopped before things got out of hand…literally.

They had desperately wanted to act on their words, but duty had called her away. However, before leaving, she had rolled up her sleeve and presented her bare forearm to him. With a flourish, he pulled a pen from his sport jacket and wrote his phone number on her skin. Before scuttling off, she whispered, “Late afternoon.”

The rest of the day, after the requisite sleep and rest, had been a flash of activity. Numerous calls, texts, a meeting in his room for a pre-dinner champagne cocktail, then an introduction to her friend at the restaurant (Carol was aware of his desire for a threesome – it had indeed been an interesting chat on the plane). It was a return to the slow boil of building desires, for all three of them.

Fueled by more champagne and some sultry foot play under the table, the sexual intensity was pushed ever higher. Chocolate was the logical next step because on this day, indulgence could only beget more indulgence. The more erotic uses of melted chocolate was the topic of conversation. Logan found out some new and very interesting possibilities that he filed away for future use.

An hour later they enjoyed a slow, but incredibly intense stroll up to his room – they all appreciated the fruits of anticipation. While they weren’t touching each other in any way, the connection between them was so strong that it was akin to static electricity. The finer hairs on their bodies stood at attention in expectation of the next act. As if pushed by some invisible hand, their pace picked up as they approached his door. They paused, glanced at each other, and smiled. The expressions varied between a bit lower lip, and his own wolfish glance.

The proverbial calm before the storm.

He opened the door and stepped aside. The ladies did not take their eyes off him as they demurely strolled past him and into the shadows beyond. Logan stepped in, allowing the door to close slowly. He did not turn on the lights for he knew that it wasn’t a blackout room, and that within seconds they would be able to see basic shapes and forms – that was all that was required.

Five seconds later the girls were on him. They drove him hard back against the door, quickly removing his tie, ripping off the top few buttons of his shirt. Carol turned his head and was kissing him madly, hands exploring his hair, while Jennifer was conducting a frontal assault – ripping off the remainder of his shirt, her hands on his ribcage while licking, kissing and nibbling the most sensitive points on his chest. She then slowly traced a line downward with her tongue as she dropped to her knees. His excitement was apparent in his slacks and she made no attempt to avoid her destination, smoothing out the fine cloth around his cock, holding it firmly as she rubbed, kissed and nibbled it.

Suddenly the girls stopped cold and took his hands, leading him to the plush recliner. Attempting to keep his composure, Logan adjusted himself as the girls slinked over to the bedroom and closed the door behind them.

Now he sat in the chair, bottle in hand, awaiting the next chapter.

His face suddenly contorted, seeming to scream, ‘Fuck that.’

He put the bottle down, got up and strolled over to the kitchen nook and grabbed a few clean towels. Stripping as he made his way back to the chair, he laid the towels over the seat and pulled the lever on the side to obtain a lazy, semi-stretched-out position. He was completely naked, his cock standing proud and expectant. No manual stimulation was required.

The bedroom door opened and the girls came out, stark naked and glistening with anticipation. They both stopped short, caught off guard by the unexpected sight that greeted them. They quickly recovered, grinning widely as they slowly stalked over to a position right in front of Logan.

Without a word, the girls started to massage their own rather ample breasts, tenderly and sensuously, eyes riveted to his cock, lust being the only emotion displayed on their faces and bodies. The dampness between their legs became noticeable, even in the semi-darkness. Their breathing became short and stunted.

Carol finally gathered herself, smiled and said, “Logan, you confessed to being a boob man. Are you prepared for your dream?”

Logan merely nodded, trying to give away nothing.

They slowly switched up, each reaching for the other’s breasts. The massaging started gently, but the intensity picked up, increasing until they were pulling on each others’ nipples and breathing hard, evidently having some trouble sticking to their plan. Gasps shot out every few seconds as one would pinch a little harder, and the other would respond in kind. There seemed to be a strange, unspoken challenge. The air crackled with the building storm.

While they were focused on each other, Logan secretly grabbed the empty bottle and jammed it into the crack next to the cushion. He beat their attention by a nanosecond.

Breaking their embrace, the girls slowly approached him, pausing on either side of his chair. He looked up, studying each lady in turn. They were on the edge of control, with their lower lips fully sucked in and their eyes barely open. Their nipples were swollen, red, hard and inviting – almost pleading for more attention.

Carol reached down and grabbed the lever on the side of the chair, while Jennifer laid her hands on the top of the backrest. Together they released it completely, allowing it to fall into a near-horizontal position. In a heartbeat, Carol stood at the head of the chair, and Jennifer at the foot.

“Are you ready, Logan?”

He grinned.

“As never before in my life.”

Carol leaned over, dropping her breasts close to his face while Jennifer hopped up into a position that would allow her to stuff his cock between her breasts.

They both chimed in, “Enjoy yourself, Mister!”

Logan shook his head slightly in disbelief – this was going to be Valhalla for a boob man.

But he also had a good idea of the next act, so just before devouring Carol’s breasts he grabbed the bottle and said, “Jennifer, when Carol straddles my face, and you straddle my cock, use this bottle as you see fit.”

He heard Carol go quiet for a second, and then giggle.

He reached up…

This is a ~MasturbationMonday writing for week 278 which is hosted by the amazing Kayla Lords Kayla Lords

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