Moments,  Us

Sometimes desire

This used to be the only place we met.

We lived apart, had separate lives, friends, and families. Now, most of our kids have met the other. The venn diagram of our friends has many more people in the centre. Our lives intersect in so many places without bleeding into each other so much that we don’t know where we both begin and end.

We’re here, a hotel room in the afternoon, a bottle of champagne and some sushi down, chatting, snoozing and enjoying each other’s company.

We’re intimate, close, and connected.

It’s a gift neither of us take for granted. And, easy though it might be to hold what we have now and view it through the lens of white hot desire of our first year, we remain surprised and delighted by the fact we found each other at all.

Both two marriages down.

Both with tattered family relationships.

Both hopeful that being ourselves could someday be a gift to someone rather than a curse to be borne.

If you are where we were seven years ago, know this, what you dream of could be right around the corner and will be better than you ever imagined it could be.



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