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#SinfulSunday – fantasy/reality

It’s the 600th edition of #SinfulSunday, a meme curated by @MollysDailyKiss with commitment and creativity for a community that has shifted and changed during that time. My own personal life has changed hugely during that time and #SinfulSunday and the people taking part are part of that shift. I am grateful and appreciative of its place in my life.

For a number of years, every Sunday morning, it was my routine to take a quick and dirty picture, create a post on my phone and link it to the meme site run by Molly. During these years my love and I were together but apart. We both had quite separate lives but felt deeply connected. Part of what continued that connection when we weren’t meeting regularly was my blogging and posting including #SinfulSunday.

He was first my Visitor, then my Master (hence my twitter name), then my Love, and always, my Muse. I think about these as being archetypes, containers that allowed me to project my thoughts, feelings and desires on to that felt secure and in fact were encouraged. A virtuous circle.

I feel much of D/s is about projection and fulfilment of that projection in a ‘just enough’ continuous drip feed to keep both Dom and sub in a state of longing and desire.

But, I digress, that’s another topic for another blog.

Today’s picture is taken in a similar way to most of my previous ones. You can see from the angle of my left arm that I am holding the camera above us which adds to the sense of immediacy. There is a glimpse of both of our faces, my Love’s is stubbly after a week of illness but looking more relaxed after a better night’s sleep. His arm, suntanned from our week on Santorini holds my breast. It feels protective and appreciative, his ring and little fingers hold my nipple between them, and he occasionally scuffs them back and forward to waken it. My arm circles my breast and holds his arm, the different colours of our skin is striking, the edit makes them luminous together.

We breathe together.

It’s an intimate moment, a snapshot giving insight into our shared life now. Which is cosy and comfortable, and most of all loving.

What #SinfulSunday and my Love did for me by giving me permission to create and post pictures was to normalise my finding ways to act on feeling I was attractive, and to express desire that until recently had lived unspoken and deeply hidden in my psyche. The community that was a part of #SinfulSunday during those years was encouraging and inspiring and I am grateful to Molly for her commitment, creativity and endless patience in providing the space for this to happen for so many of us.

To those who have been kind enough to view, comment and encourage me here over the years, I send my heartfelt thanks. I couldn’t have done it without you all.


Sinful Sunday
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