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    Friends – a #F4tFriday post

    She found me raging in the university library about the lack of books, about the assumption that mature students could afford either the time to search for secondhand books or the money to buy them new.  I was raging, spitting derision for the place, for the expectations and hiding behind that rage from my fear that I had made a terrible mistake.  She saw my rage and didn’t hide from it, she knew it wasn’t aimed at her and wonder of wonders, what made me spiky and difficult to befriend for others became the reason she liked me.  She always knew that my rage had the energy to overcome my…

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    SinfulSunday – Morning glory

    The Sun called to me today as I opened my curtains. “Let Me warm you,” He said. “Feel it in your bones. Let Me flow over your skin and in My glow, know, that spring is on its way as surely as I will rise tomorrow.” So I did. Don’t forget to click on the link below to see what other wonderful images have been posted this week 💋

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    Under the same moon – a #F4tFriday post

    We spend most of our lives apart.  We live our days out going to work or sorting chores or household tasks at the weekend.  We see  separate friends separately.  We cook and eat at a hundred and ten miles distance.  I don’t help him to reach a difficult place to soap His back in the shower.  He doesn’t hold a coat open for me to put on a coat with ease.  Our kisses are infrequent, our hugs can be counted on the fingers of no hands most weeks, we rarely sleep with limbs entwined and yet I count this as my most intimate relationship ever. This wasn’t planned.  Our love…

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    #F4TFriday – in a nutshell

      2019 was tough and glorious.  Both not cancelling out the other, both requiring me to grow and develop the muscle and grit necessary for continuing to build a life I never thought I would have, all of it in its devastatingly cruel beauty worth the effort even though it often felt that I would not survive another blow. Until now I have never seriously considered setting goals or challenges across all areas of my life.  I have had an aversion to setting them for a very long time.  Sometimes the act of defining a goal seemed to be closing down all other options and I set greater store by…

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    SinfulSunday – come, play with me in the shadows

    January’s #SinfulSunday prompt is Shadows. The afternoon light on a day over the Christmas period provided me with exactly the right conditions for a picture built around shadows and light. It also provided me with an opportunity for pleasure and I hope it does for you too! Don’t forget to click on the link below to see what other wonderful images have been posted