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    What’s wrong with her, she’s an old woman? And #CancelJaneyGodley

      This collage is comprised of the graffiti on the building opposite my house, the sign outside my house which is illuminated at night and a message sent via Facebook messenger to my youngest son.  The message was sent in September, I think the graffiti arrived in July or August this year. When I first saw the eye symbol I felt a chill.  It was too close to me.  I noticed the one on the sign outside my house the following day as I was coming back from shopping in town.  I posted my misgivings on twitter and people, quite rightly, said it was probably a coincidence, the name of…

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    #F4TFriday – Memories, Moments and Wanting More

    The Beach Boys are playing ‘God Only Knows, as I type this in front of a fire that I hefted the coal for into my car boot at the garage as He got soaked to the skin putting air in my sodden tyres to keep me safe.  In this cosy setting we paint us on a canvas bought for another purpose.  We paint over the existing brush strokes with our conversations, moving from twitter to plans, to work, to people we know, with ease and interest.  We lighten the shadows, highlight an obscured point of interest, deepen the darkest places until they glow again.  Sometimes we just hug on His…

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    Hey, it’s been a while

    How are we all doing? Things are good here. I thought I’d let you know how good and in what ways I counted it as such. What happiness feels like for me. It’s new, it’s startlingly easy, it’s bizarrely OK. He asks what did I expect, He always knew we were good together, and I feel sad sometimes, that my anxiety will knock that certainty in myself at times. But one of the things that is new is the injunction not to try to fix myself because of my perceived failings but to accept, love and honour my thoughts and feelings in all their glorious colours and shades. It’s the…

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    Gift – a #LingerieIsForEveryone post

    I have an uneasy relationship with being given things. I often feel I need to reciprocate, to give back so that neither of the parties involved have anything to pay back to the other. An anonymous gift takes this need for balance away. I can simply luxuriate in the pleasure of a lovely set of underwear. I can be appreciative of the generosity of the gift and to know that my pleasure adds to theirs. This set came to me via @TheKnickerFairy and her offer to hold my sizes and contact details on record so that others could treat me whilst still maintaining my anonymity #TreatYourFavouriteTweeter is a wonderful thing…

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    Elpis and the Road Less Travelled

    I have a little book with me. The first entry is dated 27/07/2000, 19 years ago and 7 months into our setting up our business together with a family of four, the youngest of which was 4 years old. My thoughts were naturally revolving around my children. I can see that I am concerned with how I was spending my time with them, but also, even then, with how to be me. I write ‘The Art of Living – ways of being with children, not using the time to educate them, actually showing them yourself‘ I go further ‘How to make a job/career of that time’ Then I add ‘Therese’s…

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    SinfulSunday – a glimpse

    It’s prompt week again and this month the prompt is doorways. I like experimenting with pictures that show a glimpse of something private. I tried to see if I could take this picture without having the camera in it but my need to obscure my face means it performs a useful function here. So here you have it. A private moment, glimpsed through doorways and mirrored reflections, deliberately taken by the subject to make herself the object. Don’t forget to click on the link below to see what other wonderful images have been posted this week

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    #SinfulSunday – devore me

    It’s been another long week but this weekend is a #NotInAField weekend and I plan to hang around in this for most of Saturday enticing Him to devour me and enjoying myself. I should mention Lottie @theknickerfairy and J (thank you x) who were co-conspiritors in supplying this gorgeous 2 piece to me. Lottie’s #treatyourfavetweeter campaigns are a lovely way to get something beautiful sent to someone you admire. It makes me smile everytime I wear it, lingerie is a great source of pleasure for me and if you would like to make me a present of some Lottie knows my details ? This post will also be posted on…

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    #SinfulSunday – all hands on deck

    A nautical play on words this week. I took this photo for prompt week, the prompt being from below. I then had the opportunity to take another photo so you get this one a week later. Maybe all hands on deck down below is a smutty pun too far though? Let me know what you think ? Don’t forget to click on the link below to see what other wonderful images have been posted this week