Creative Content and Aims

Creative content and aims

My feeling is that there is a gap in the narrative of the older woman who is sex positive, actively exploring that part of her psyche, reviewing her views on life and relationships, and healing unhealthy patterns. I use my creative process to do this by reading, writing, thinking, feeling, saying, singing, making and dancing my own truth.

This blog forms part of this journey and is comprised as follows:

Written Media: blog posts here are formed of a mix of memoir, journalling, non fiction and fiction, both from prompts and otherwise. If you recognise yourself here and like what you read then I truly liked you. If you recognise yourself here and don’t like what you read perhaps, as Annie Lamott says you should have behaved better. If I have ever loved you, know this. I love you still.

It is my commitment to endeavour to tell the truth as soon as I know it. I am halfway through an MA in Creative Writing at Brighton University and am currently in hiatus with this.

Images: All images on this blog are created by me unless otherwise indicated. Most of my photos are taken on my phone and without a glamourous assistant. If this makes you imagine a phone balanced on a pile of books as I cavort semi naked in front of it you aren’t far wrong.

I edit my photos in Snapseed and generally am happy with what I produce although I would love critical comments from those who know about these things.


Spoken Media: I was involved in a joint podcast with @Watching Distant and @FocussedandFilthy which featured sex positive guests and light hearted chat about all things sexy and lovely. Find out more about that here

This is the third iteration of this blog and I want to add audio links to it this time. Some older posts will be revisited to revitalise them with sound.

Reviews and Comments: I would be happy to consider requests for reviews, interviews and comments. Particularly around the areas of post menopause, older sexuality, later life divorce, LDR, and D/s.

Please contact me via twitter @_Masterseye for further details.

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