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It made K&P over 3 years ago and was the reason I felt confident enough to consider myself a writer.  A fledgling one, one in need of polish and experience, but a writer none-the-less.

At this distance my words seem so simple and genuine.  Perhaps there is nothing to add to them except that I am His, every pore, he is my Muse, my Master, my Mentor, my Friend, my Lover.  He is the one I speak to first in the morning and last at night.

He has my back, I know He will catch me if I fall. He encourages me to fly even if that means He has to control Himself in that process. He knows I must grow, I must learn, I must connect, I must be eye.

But in all that I am always eye – in fact nous sommes eye. Together.

You are mine

When someone says these words to a submissive they go in very deeply. It is not something to be said lightly. It is not something that can be taken back very easily. It is not a small thing.

I think

If I belong to you I deserve to be thought about, not just on a whim or because of your mood but in a calm, ordered, planned and rational way. I will notice that you have noticed both the small things and the big things in my life. I will notice that you have paid attention to apparently throw-away lines from me, that you have considered my responses to questions and situations even from others. That you think about me when we are apart.

I care.

It matters to me that I matter to you. That you will care enough for me to want good things for me in all aspects of my life and to provide help and advice when I need it. That aftercare is a privilege and not a chore for you. That you will stroke my hair as well as pull it and will never give me the silent treatment.

I use.

My need to be used goes very deep within me which renders me vulnerable. I am in your hands both metaphorically and physically. This is a most essential part of me, given to you freely in order that I meet myself. Our mutual satisfaction of this need is a place with no barriers, no roles, no language. Just you and me.

I protect.

You are all around me. Wrapped like a blanket is your protection of me. It makes me strong when I feel weak. Reminds me of myself when I feel overwhelmed. Connects me to my breath by withholding and releasing it.

I teach.

A suggestion. A request. A guiding hand under an elbow. A reminder. A joke at a tense time. A virtual choke chain. A positive outlook. A willing student.

I am proud.

You celebrate my successes. They are no loss to you and I love to make you proud. It delights me and this process facilitates my growth.  Making you proud is my cornerstone, my touchpoint, my compass, my desire.  I am yours, every pore, just that.

Thank you Master, your eye x

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