• #LingerieIsForEveryone

    #lingerieisforeveryone – treats

    This week I have been fortunate to have been treated to a present of this lovely set. When I asked my M how He felt about my receiving such an intimate gift via @theknickerfairy’s #treatyourfavourite service He said He wondered why no one had offered before! That is why I love Him so ❤ I adore the colour and am genuinely very appreciative of the generosity shown me. There is a second set which I will show you all another week

  • Sinful Sunday,  Words

    #SinfulSunday – thirds

    This month’s prompt is the rule of thirds. I also have created a new rule for myself. At least two out of every month’s Sinful Sunday images must come from those I have already taken for the foreseeable future so that I can begin to bring down the number of NSFW photos I have on my phone. This week’s photo actually was taken at least a year ago in a house I no longer live in but I felt it fitted the prompt and it is one of a set that I have used images from before and liked.  I like the palette, the sunshine and the warmth and, if…

  • Sinful Sunday

    #SinfulSunday – shimmering light

    You know that place you get to in arousal where lights begin to shimmer in front of your eyes and it feels as they are dancing both on and within you in an interplay with your nerve endings and finally you break and collapse into the waves of molten pleasure as they erupt from your very centre and cascade over you like an inevitable tide … ?  Tea? Click on the lips below to see who else is being sinful this Sunday ?