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    Sometimes desire

    This used to be the only place we met. We lived apart, had separate lives, friends, and families. Now, most of our kids have met the other. The venn diagram of our friends has many more people in the centre. Our lives intersect in so many places without bleeding into each other so much that we don’t know where we both begin and end. We’re here, a hotel room in the afternoon, a bottle of champagne and some sushi down, chatting, snoozing and enjoying each other’s company. We’re intimate, close, and connected. It’s a gift neither of us take for granted. And, easy though it might be to hold what…

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    Capturing desire

    I take these pictures to see myself as desirable, to see myself the way others see me, to create desire in myself, for myself. In that respect it is very connected to my creativity. Desire is the engine to my will, the need to connect is the fuel. How do you create desire? Let me know 💋

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    No touching

    I don’t touch myself. My own hand between my own legs doesn’t feel sexy, it feels invasive. If I pinch my own nipples I am bemused by the dissociation present between the parts of my body and my mind. If I cup my own breasts I am just shocked by the weight of them rather than enraptured by their curves. I do not touch myself. Which was the cart and which the horse? I don’t remember masturbating as a child, so much so that I didn’t really know it was a thing a girl or a woman would or could do. My thrill was in the sensation that could be…

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    I am envious of everyone

    Social Media often has a bad press.  On a bad day it is true that posts I see on my timeline can trigger feelings of envy.  Below are the kinds of thoughts I have noted down as I have thought about what triggers these thoughts: I am envious of everyone and it makes me sick. I envy the people in long term relationships that can introduce others into their lives without it totally fucking everything up. I envy those that can talk honestly about their desires to each other without someone flouncing off in a sulk that could last for days and threaten the business that they own together and…

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    Micro stories #1

    I make my tongue into a point and slide it into the eye of your penis. A tiny, pink pointy thing that goes into you like a stiletto. You shudder as it heads to your core. We both know that it cannot pierce you but it does. I have you impaled on your desire, prostrated before me, you would genuflect and kiss my ring if you were able. #Microstories – small moments of desire

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    A dainty kind of desire

    I am wistful for you, a dainty kind of desire, an easy to keep in a pocket desire. Lacy, pointy and elegant, associated with sighs and a drooping head, it glances up from eyes partly hidden under hair. Discrete comings, stifled yelps quickly turned to a laugh to cover itself. But what is growing in me now is a need that roars its demands through pounding blood and throbbing tissue A craving girl who will not be denied. Whose mouth is permanently open to receive and from which moans, groans and gutteral grunts emerge as if torn from a mooring deep inside her that no longer serves. I want you.…